Can your business afford to be without its critical data?…

Have you considered the impact of your business if any of your data is lost or corrupted? 
  • Client databases
  • Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Client letters
  • Advertising material 
  • and everything else... 
All these data are typically accessed on a shared PC (somewhere on the C: drive) or it may be even on a central Server that your entire business uses on its network.

Data availability and integrity is essential to the running of your business. For many businesses it really is a case of no data, no business!

Don’t leave it to chance that viruses, hackers, hardware failure or even human error can affect your business. 

Our business solutions include:
  • Full Backups of the data you identify
  • The ability to do a complete Restore of your critical data
  • File Version Control (This is restoring files from a point in time)
  • Fast Instant Backups for files on the fly
  • Cost effective peace of mind for your businesses critical data
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